Explore SKANU Features

Racking Rods

The SKANU rod storage is mighty unique; you can carry four rods over 10 feet! Fly, spin, and baitcasting too — they all fit perfect for you.
Stash that Gear
Do you like to keep things dry? The SKANU® has not one, but two places to stash some gear in case you like to have certain things near and dear.
Keep it Dry
Deep gutters like a trough make sure that all the water will come off.
Places to Stand
Three places to stand tall and not worry about a fall. Middle, front, or even back gives you choices — how about that?
Take a Seat
The back deck is where you sit if you want to take a paddle and be fit.
Grab a Buddy
If you're lucky to have a buddy that wants to join too they sit up front staring back at you
Mount that Motor
Be a boater with a max 2.5 hp motor. If you want to go smaller don't forget you can add a troller.
Get Skinny
Average draft is 4.5” for your craft.
Sneaky & Stealthy
A skiff design is the ticket, with silence so good you won't hear a cricket.
Stay the Course
Be head over heels knowing this hull has four keels. True tracking when you’re attacking that commotion of your motion.
Be a Camel
We were wise and made the cupholder oversize. Dug deeper into our brain and made it drain.
The Hole Truth
Side scupper is a first as bottom scuppers are the worst.
Less Is More
Everything has a place without taking up your personal space.
Rig & Mount
Make this SKANU a reflection of you by adding tracks, mounts, or accessories — woo-hoo!